5 things to consider when you participate

5 things to consider when you participate in exhibitions

Despite the many advantages exhibitions has to offer, many companies still refrain from participating in exhibitions majorly because of the expenses and preparations involved. True! Participating in exhibitions is an expensive affair and it surely does involve a lot of preparations but consider the tremendous value it brings to the business. In this day and age when marketing is everything, if you do not promote or exhibit your brand it’s easy to side lined by competitors.

To make your exhibiting experience a smoother process we bring you 5 things you need to consider before participating in exhibitions

1. Your budget – Exhibitions are for both big and small businesses. Depending on your budget you can determine the scale of your presentation. Your budget is a very important aspect. You do not want to spend more than you have already planned. The goal is to make the most out of your investment. So once you lock down a budget you can formulate a plan around it and then decide your exhibition stand design, exhibition presentation etc.

2. Your marketing guidelines – Your exhibition presentation must at all times, adhere to your marketing guidelines. With a huge variety of exhibition stands available in the market and exhibition stand design companies eager to sell you experiential spaces of your dreams, it is easy to get carried away. As an exhibitor it is your job to ensure that your team sticks to your marketing guidelines which ensures quantifiable results.

3. Your brand image – Every marketing initiative you take up must be synonymous with your brand image. If your promotional activities or exhibition presentation doesn’t match with your brand image, it would fail to create an impact on the audience. When you promote keeping your brand image in mind, you create a powerful image on the psyche of the audience.

4. Your marketing goal – Before you go ahead with your exhibition preparation, ask yourself why is it that you are exhibiting in the first place. Depending on what is it that you are seeking to achieve you can plan your game plan. Your marketing goal will determine your exhibition stand design and even your marketing strategy for the duration of the show.

5. Your target audience – Lastly, your demo graph is probably the most important criteria. Understanding the likes and preferences of your demographic and chalking out a plan accordingly will help you to plan a fail-proof strategy. 

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