Awe-Inspiring Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise in Dubai can Mesmerize Visitors

If you are a regular when it comes to touring different countries, I am sure your itinerary won’t be completed in it doesn’t include Dubai and other places of interest in the UAE. If you think that Dubai is all about skyscrapers and humongous malls, think again. The desert on the outskirts can be a great experience for you. There are many things that you need to understand to be clear about as a desert safari isn’t anything you have experienced before.

A day that you’ll spend in the desert and on a safari is one of the few adventures you won’t be able to forget throughout your life. You can encounter nature in one of its purest forms and a desert is just that. A drive deep down in the desert on a luxury vehicle can one offer you one good way to discover the beauty of it without thinking about anything else. I am sure that if you will once experience a Dubai safari, you will forget about the all the other aspects of roaming around Dubai.

So what’s so good and unique about a Dubai Desert Safari? Let me offer you 2 aspects that you must try while in Dubai. Only then you will know about what I am trying to connote here.

Camping in the Night and Bonfire

This is one factor that people enjoy the most while on desert safari Dubai. One reason for this is that not everyone enjoys a jeep ride in the desert as dust and heat can put off many people. And the ones with some kind of breathing problem or illness like asthma, they simply can’t take these rides. But camping in the evening and night are one of the most beautiful experiences while you are in a desert. Camping can be fun for people of all ages and bonfire, the icing on the cake.

If you haven’t experienced camping ever in your life, be ready to get enthralled as this will mesmerize you for sure. Camping under the stars is a beautiful experience and desert safari in Dubai offers you just that. It’s a fascinating experience, to say the least, and you must find a reason to go on a safari right now to get amused by this great safari on offer. You will especially enjoy this in the winter months in Dubai, from November to February as the weather gets very hot after that.

Camel Ride

Camel is found in deserts and in countries around the world where the weather is quite warm and hot. That’s why people in many western countries and in the US don’t get a chance to see a camel in their lifetime. This is also one reason people at first feel hesitant in riding a camel as they feel a bit afraid and cautious. It is natural but once you will overcome your fear, you will really enjoy the camel ride as it will offer you a bumpy ride you will remember for a long time to come.

In the desert near some villages or in the open sand dunes, a camel ride is very much a thing to enjoy. So I am sure that you will really enjoy the ride. Now I will try to offer you a bit on dhow cruise that you can experience after or before a desert safari.

Dhow Cruise

I am sure a lot of my riders must have enjoyed a good cruise ride in a mal boat or in a speed boat/cruise ship in their countries. But a dhow cruise Dubai will be like an experience in its own. If you haven’t witnessed a show before, you will be smitten by the very sight of it. And the actual cruise will really take you on a voyage that is unique to the core.

When you will go on a dhow trip near the Dubai Creek area, for example, it is cherished by people experiencing it. If you think that is not an extraordinary experience, come and enjoy it once and you will try to come all over again after every few months.

Final Word

If you want to ask anything concerning the aspects or factors mentioned in this blog or want to offer your valuable feedback in this concern, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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