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Pendent was a pendent that gives EXP.And well I attempted to display a picture of that pendent because I thought it was cool that it revealed I was wearing it for 141 hours because the old days you’d find a message from the conversation saying “You’ve have been enjoying MapleStory for xxx hours you need to take a break.Well I attempted to demonstrate that picture to helpfully get people to answer on the thread and maybe wind up making a buddy in-game well it ended just being called “spam”.

How do you feel with Kanna skill balance changes? Is these changes suitable and reasonable? How do you enjoy Kanna in game? Would you to use a Kanna now, after these balance changes? I only want to share a few of my suggestions about Kanna skill:From its orignal concept Kanna is intended to be a bossing mage. Which offered some help to boss fights by means of its obstacles, sakura’s falling healing and its own two binds.

However time has past, the match has grown and Kanna still feels somewhat out of a char stuck in the past. A reason maybe its scaling became really powerful from Haku’s Blessinig.In many situations where you need healing the boss is frequently not near enough to use to heal or at certain bosses its giving harm represent. Downsides of Sakura Falling currently is its own high mana cost, high delay upon using ability and very modest hitbox for your party to make use of the heal.

Suggested change: Reduce cooldown, be in a position to heal while not having to hit a boss/mob and lower delay and mana cost.With the introduction of attacks from directors only doing mended damage or % HP attacks this skill became quickly obsolete. Kanna has no protection against these attacks, where many different classes have HP protection abilities or abilities giving iframes, making you able to dismiss damage for a brief while. MMOGO Daily Special Deals at

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