Online cellular phone Repair Maintenance Course
Hello! have you ever considered taking a mobile maintenance course? browse this text till the top and i will show you why this could be an honest thanks to dibble the crisis that plagues our country.

Why do you have to Take a web portable Maintenance Course?

How many cell phones can we have in Brazil today?

According to analysis printed within the newspaper O Estado Diamond State São Paulo (Estadão) square measure over 168 million smartphones in use. to relinquish you a thought, the population of the country is 204 million.

This gives a median of zero.8 cell per capita, one among the most important within the world.

More necessary than that’s the fragility of those devices.

You have actually had issues like drops that have broken the screen, or maybe that electro-acoustic transducer input stops operating, the charger connective doesn’t pass additional energy … and lots of others, is not it?

People break their cell phones daily and not everybody will afford to shop for a brand new one, in order that they take the portable for maintenance and guess what happens? The technician makes the cash to repair the cell phones.

Here in São Paulo, with great care you’ve got a thought, I took my cellular phone (a Galaxy S3 at the time) to repair the telephone receiver, the technician didn’t want over ten minutes to service the phone and charged ME R $ fifty.00.

Imagine if he will a pair of calls per hour (they do additional, obviously) and that we can have a median of $ a hundred per hour.

If we have a tendency to multiply by the eight hours of labor, we’ll have $ 800.00 in a very single day.

It’s one thing to accept, isn’t it? what quantity time does one ought to work to earn this amount?

Do you knowledge abundant they charge to exchange a broken screen? R $ 250,00 and take concerning forty minutes within the method (Only the glass, not investigating the touchscreen, during this case, the worth goes from R $ 450,00 to R $ 800,00 betting on the cell phone).

People feel naked while not their cell phones as a result of there square measure their favorite apps, their photos, access to the social networks, contacts and tools indispensable to the day to day; in order that they solely have a pair of choices after they have issues with their cell phones: Fix or obtain another.

The price of cell phones has accrued lots from “a few times to now”. these days on the market, there square measure cell phones that square measure price virtually a second user bike of thus high-ticket that they’re.

My question: Why can’t you are taking a mobile maintenance course and become a technician?

Anatel reports that around a hundred million handsets square measure taken to maintenance annually, creating Brazil one among the most important markets within the world during this phase.

This skilled is lacking within the market as there don’t seem to be several portable maintenance courses accessible.

The Most reasonable on-line Mobile Maintenance Course in Brazil
Maybe the worth of a face-to-face course can veto you from taking this course, however “André Cisp” has created a good coaching wherever he teaches step by step through easy and sensible video tutorials like portable maintenance, and better of all: a really symbolic worth.

He has “7” years of expertise within the market and has oversubscribed over “300” copies of his mobile maintenance course.

The “Cell Maintenance and Unlock 2018 Course” is wherever you may learn everything you wish to understand concerning these handsets and the way to form cash by fixing them.

The “Cell Maintenance and Unlocking 2018 Course” has many video lessons with all the script you wish to follow to totally absorb the content of the mobile maintenance course.

Take a glance at the content of the net portable Maintenance Course

* Module one – fourteen Videos Totaling 925 MB with the subsequent themes:

01-Introduction to Apostille

° 02-Tools for the repair

° 03-Electronics Applied to Cellular

° 04-Cell Board elements

° 05-First steps for the repair

° 06-Battery Activation

° 07-Dismantling and Mounting the cellular phone

° 08-Types of Defects

° 09-Microphone Exchange

10-Button Swap


° 12-Difference of glass, touch, show and front

13. method for dynamical the glass

14-Main Stock

* Module a pair of – fourteen Videos Totaling 867 MB with the subsequent themes:

° 01-Order of Service

° 02-Consult IMEI – obstruction

° 03-Term of improvement and Desoxidation

° 04-Where to shop for mobile components

° 05-Where to shop for tools

° 06-Whatsap of a provider

° 07-Block Diagram and Troubleshooting

° 08-Service and Troubleshooting Manual

09-Repair Moto G2 XT1069

° 10-Front Switches Sony Z3

° 11-Repair chip connective Moto g1 XT1033

° 12-Repair GranPrime G531 – Suspicion broken path

° 13-Repair Asus Zenfone six don’t activate

° 14-Repair Moto X2 – Front Switches

* Module three – fourteen Videos Totaling one.02 GB MB with the subsequent themes:

01 – Introduction

° 02 – Concert Samsung GT355M won’t activate

° 03 – Repair LG G2 D805 – Trocal Frontal

° 04 – Repair LG E455 LAN and Bluetooth doesn’t work

° 05 – Repair Iphone 5g many defects

° 06 – Repair Button Power Iphone five

° 07 – Repair Iphone 5c no

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