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    ◎40hp, two-wheel drive.
    ◎Y495 4-cylinder diesel engine,29.4kW, Water Cooled and 4-stroke.
    ◎Compact structure with short wheel base and small steering radius.
    ◎Provided with dual clutch and transmission device, with higher working efficiency
    Q: How many kinds of products YTO produce?
    A: YTO’s products including: tractor, farm implements, wheel loader, forklift, bulldozer.
    Q: Whats the after-service rules of YTO product?
    A:we have overseas service centers, branches, assembly factories, and spare parts centers in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. We also have established long-term relationships with over 100 dealers worldwide, and our comprehensive sales and service network extends all over the world.

    A: YTO provide two years guarantee period for our distributors and customers.
    A: YTO provide long-term spare Parts supply,at least 10 years.
    A: YTO provide on-time technical support for worldwide customers.China Tractor