What should be the grading criteria in assignment checking?

Assignments and examinations are some of the most important components of our formal education systems across the world. Whether you are studying at any level or standard of education, you cannot get good grades if you do not give these assignments and tests their due importance.

Although the ultimate goal of studying is learning and gaining new knowledge, getting good grades is also an underlying objective. It is these examinations and tests that are used by teachers to gauge the performance of their students. They act as a yardstick to measure the understanding of the students about a given subject or topic. They are also important for the institution and other stakeholders to assess the performance of the teachers. Grades and evaluations display how well the students have comprehended the information that is being conveyed to them. It endorses the success and effectiveness of a teacher’s teaching style and method.

Good results and grades in assignments and quizzes reflect that students are gaining the knowledge that is being taught to them.

But the question that often arises in the minds of the students is how the teachers grade these assignments. Similar queries exist in the minds of the teachers who are new at this process.

If an assignment is wrongly graded it can actually kill the real objective behind it. This means that the whole process of assessing the student’s understanding and learning can be polluted if the grading system is faulty.

Therefore, to reap the real benefits of giving assignments and projects to students, teachers should have effective grading criteria for assignment checking. A setting of the grading criteria is one of the biggest challenges faced by new teachers these days. Below are some guidelines that can be useful in this regard.

1. Create your own grading criteria:

Every teacher should have his or her own grading criteria for assignments as well as examinations tests. This criterion is mostly dependent on the types of assignments created and given to the students. Always convey this grading criterion to the students prior to the assignment so that they understand what is expected of them.

2. Clearly mark what you are looking for:

While drafting the assignment clearly mark the requirements. Also, make the students understand the most important component of the assignment is. This can be style, content, creativity, a precision of answers or critical thinking capabilities.

3. Define grades:

Let the students know your grading style. This may be graded in letters, marks, percentage or a grading curve. Specify the classes and categories of each grade.

4. Clearly defined rules and penalties:

It is important that students understand the rules and guidelines for doing the assignment and be ready for losing marks through penalties or fines.

5. Use Rubrics:

Rubrics are one of the most useful and effective tools used by teachers in modern education systems today. It is an effective model for bringing consistency in the assignment grading process. It defines the grading criteria in the most explicit way possible. Using checklists for grading is also a good way to enhance grading consistency and transparency.

6. Define important components:

When you start checking the assignment divide it into specific components and define the outcomes and objectives you are looking for. For long assignments go through the most important concepts first. It should be understood by the teachers that not each piece of the work of the student be relevant to the course and required a subject. Therefore divide your attention and efforts accordingly.

7. Read through without comments:

It is important that teachers read through the assignments without commenting on each and every part of it. In the first reading just understand the student’s point of view. Once you have completed the reading, then go through it again and grade each component separately.

8. Give feedback:

The main aim of the assignment writing service is to assess the student’s performance and understanding. However, it is also important to correct the student where it is needed. By giving positive feedback through comments and notes can help students understand their faults and problems, and take corrective actions in the future. This way productive feedback is essential for an effective assignment checking process.

So we see that grading an assignment or project can be a challenging and daunting task for the newcomers. It is important to set effective criteria for the process in order to avoid any student’s complaints and faulty checking of the assignments and assessments.

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